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October Board Meeting
November 18th, 2020; 6:30pm
via Zoom Instructions Here
2020 Annual Meeting Board of Directors Proxy Ballot Form

2020 Annual Meeting Architectural Review Committee Proxy Ballot Form

Social Activities Fund Request Form
Did you know that the Lakes of Coppell Homeowners Association has set up a fund to help you in paying for some of the costs of neighborhood social activities?
If you are planning a social activity for your LOC neighborhood and would like to submit your request for help in funding the activity, all you need to do is complete the above application form and send it to CMA, who will present it to the Board members for consideration.

Architectural Review Submission Form (Download Design Guidelines here)
The Architectural Review Committee Submission Form must be completed for any anticipated exterior alterations to your home. Please review the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Lakes of Coppell, to find detailed requirements for your project.
Please remember that you may be very familiar with your project, however the Architectural Review Committee is not. Please be specific and detailed in the submission of your project to eliminate questions and unwanted delays in the processing of your submission.