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Frequently Asked Questions

Architectural FAQs

What projects need approval?
Any modifications or alterations to the exterior of your property. Submission for approval is always recommended.

Do I have to wait to start the project?
Yes, all projects must be submitted and approved prior to starting.

What if I did not obtain approval for my project?
You will be asked to submit for approval. If your project is denied, you may be required to remove your project and restore the property to the previous condition.

If my project will not change from the original design, location, color or dimension, do I need to submit to the Committee?
Other than paint all improvements must be submitted to the committee review.

My contractor does not provide drawings or brochures. What should I use instead?
A hand drawing of the project will be sufficient as long as it includes a plat map, dimensions, colors and materials.

Where can I obtain an ARC form?
You can contact CMA and a form can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to you or you may download it here.

How will I be notified of the Committee’s decision?
You will be notified by first class mail of the Committee’s decision.

Resident FAQs

Where can I get a copy of the Rules and Regulations for the Lakes of Coppell Association?
Texas Property Code requires that all owners be given a copy of the Bylaws and Declaration for the property at closing. If you did not receive this information, contact your title company for your copy. If you have misplaced your copy, CMA will be happy to provide you with a copy for a fee.

What are the lawn maintenance standards for the community?
Section 14.01: Lot must be kept in a trimmed, well-kept and clean condition. Shrubs, trees and grass will be trimmed and free of trash and other unsightly materials. Weeds must be removed from lawn, flowerbeds and other planter areas on a regular basis.

Can boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles be parked within the community?
Section 9.02 (i): Recreational vehicles and trailers cannot be parked in the driveway or yard of a lot. They can, however, be parked in the garage if they are completely screened from view.

Where should the trash receptacles be stored?
Section 9.02 (i): Receptacles must be stored from public view at all times, with the exception of trash day.

Can a commercial vehicle be parked on the property?
Section 9.02 (i): Any vehicle other than a conventional automobile is not allowed to be parked on a lot, unless it is stored from view in the garage.

What are the Association requirements for a yard/garage sale?
There is no Association restriction on garage sales. Check with the City of Coppell for city requirements.

What are the restrictions for signage in the yard?
Section 9.02 (i): One sign may be displayed listing a home for sale or rent. This sign cannot exceed 5 feet. One sign can be displayed for an open house (only during open house hours).

If an Owner chooses not to abide by the Rules and Regulations, what are the consequences?
Administrative Resolution No. 6: The Board of Directors may impose a fine, suspend voting rights, suspend use of the common areas or impose self-help to an owner.

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